Posted by Timothy FitzGerald on Mar 09, 2020
Rotarian Rick Honcharsky provides Meaghan Nadwodny with a cheque for $1,000 toward new playground equipment for St. Bernard Clairvaun School in Waterford. Where did the old equipment go? After 40 years or so original equipment becomes unsafe/not up to school board standards - the inspectors said it has to be removed/upgraded - so are the times! Repair/upgrading old equipment was judged a very poor investment in light of changing standards - better to put $10,000 toward new equipment. So what are they giving up now - six swings in a muddy lot for 245 students - each student is allocated only twenty-five swings then has to give it to another student. Interestingly an increase in bullying was noted since they lost their playground equipment! Kids need an outlet!
Meaghan searched online for federal government grants - none found. It seems playgrounds are not funded by the Ministry of Education. So Meaghan found herself pursuing fundraising. The parent council advised that they can only have one fund raiser per year. The original concept was quoted as $85,000. The project was revised to $65,000. Modern playgrounds are expensive and more than just a few swings. Rather, site preparation, drainage, accessible walkways (as required), grades of mulch to current standards
, round posts ... . Action so far - $15,000 raised from businesses, now campaigning services clubs, a ladies comedy night is upcoming. We wish Meaghan and the parents well. There are 600 new homes planned for Waterford. So the equipment will be used.