What is Rotary? In its simplest form, raise money, make a difference in our communities and have fun while doing it.

Well we're enjoying fun today! The Sergeant At Arms (SAA) Committee is charged with maintaining decorum and high morale at our meetings. Each week a member of the SAA committee raises money for the club by accepting "Happy Dollars" and also by fining members for their supposed misdeeds or celebrating their classifications by holding them responsible for any world crisis that could be remotely related to their classification - fleecing the flock as it were.

Today, in his cameo appearance as Sergeant At Arms, Rotarian Hadley Jackson called upon all of the SAA Committee members to stand. Then he proceeded to "Fine" the "Finers". Kangaroo Court was definitely in session. Rotarian Andy Elkin couldn't write fast enough in his little black book, recording Hadley's misdeeds (for future use) even as Hadley was fining Andy for his misdeeds.

Jim Jackson (in the bottom photo) can not contain his laughter as the dueling banjos played on.

All said,  our Service Above Self mandate is intact. We raise money, we are doing good work, and today, we are having fun.