February 4, 2022
Story by: C. Richard Campbell

WEEK of EARTH DAY APRIL 22 (16TH-24TH) 2022

One of Rotary's Area of Focus is Protecting the Environment. So it is fitting that District# 7090 joins with
14 Districts surrounding the Great Lakes in this large International Service Club initiative.
Last year, COVID19 forced the cancellation of the Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup (AKA Day of Action) in Norfolk County.
Hopefully, the Rotary Clubs of Delhi, Norfolk-Sunrise and Simcoe along with the Rotaract club will be engaged in cleaning up rivers and shoreline in the County. Volunteers as well as other organizations are welcomed to join us in cleaning up the environment. At this time, the planning is being done. When more information is available, it will posted on the website.
Turkey Point Beach